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William P. Robertson: Links

Amazon Online Store

Bill's early and recent books are available here.

Infinity Publishing

Bill's horror story collections, his poetry book GHOSTS OF A BROKEN HEART, and three of his Bucktail novels are available from Infinity Publishing.

The Game Crafter

Our new board game, A BUCKTAIL CIVIL WAR GAME: ESCAPE FROM THE PENINSULA, is available for sale here. Copies are $29.99 plus postage.

CD Baby



Lists William P. Robertson Bucktail Novels, Horror Story Collections & Writing Influences.

You Tube

William P. Robertson's appears on Mansfield University's own "Conversations" talk show hosted by Dennis Miller.  This program deals with the French & Indian War and Robertson's novels, AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES and ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES.

You Tube

Creating a board game can be a battle in itself. Author William Robertson and artist David Cox discuss the trials and tribulations of creating "A Bucktail Civil War Game: Escape from the Peninsula" on this episode of CONVERSATIONS, the Mansfield University talk show hosted by Dennis Miller.

You Tube

William P. Robertson discusses the writing of his Bucktail novels and the plight of the average Civil War Soldier on the first of two "Conversations" talk shows produced by Mansfield University.

You Tube

William P. Robertson discusses the history of the Bucktail Regiment and the gear the riflemen carried into battle on the second "Conversations" talk show produced by Mansfield University.

You Tube
Kevin Coolidge discusses the history of the Bucktail Regiment and the Bucktail novel series written by William P. Robertson and David Rimer in "The Battling Bucktails: Sharpshooters of the American Civil War" video.

Want to read the first 8 chapters of THE BUCKTAIL BROTHERS: BRAVE MEN'S BLOOD for free?  Follow this link.

Dane Wulfdin Novel Series

Learn more about This Enchanted Land, the first novel in the Dane Wulfdin series.  The fast-paced action book was written by William P. Robertson of the United States and Fiona Ingram of South Africa.  Illustrations and the cover design were created by David Cox of Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Read excerpts, view pics, and order merchandise from this highly entertaining, interactive site.  Key words that characterize This Enchanted Land include Vikings, Sword & Sorcery, Dark Fantasy, Witches, Dragons, and Adventure.

William P. Robertson's Horror Haven

William P. Robertson's horror writing has found a new home here.


This video features an excerpt from The Bucktail Brothers of the Fighting 149th recited by William P. Robertson and deals with the first day's battle at Gettysburg.


This video deals with the role of the 149th Bucktails in the Battle of the Wilderness.  It features a spoken word excerpt by William P. Robertson from The Bucktail Brothers of the Fighting 149th.

You Tube

This video describes the horrors faced by wounded men on a Civil War battlefield.  The spoken word excerpt comes from The Bucktails' Antietam Trials.

You Tube

This video explains where William P. Robertson and David Rimer got the title for their first Bucktail novel, Hayfoot, Strawfoot: The Bucktail Recruits.


This video features a spoken word excerpt by William P. Robertson from The Bucktails at the Devil's Den. The scene details a skirmish fought by the 42nd PA Volunteers on Day Two at Gettysburg.

You Tube

This video features an excerpt from The Bucktails: Perils on the Peninsula by William P. Robertson and David Rimer and deals with the suffering soldiers endured while on a forced march to battle.

You Tube

This video features an excerpt from The Bucktails' Shenandoah March and discusses the games favored by Civil War soldiers.

You Tube

This video comes from The Bucktail Brothers of the Fighting 149th and gives the soldiers' reaction to a bogus attack made by the regiment.

You Tube

This video features an excerpt from The Bucktails: Perils on the Peninsula and includes sensory details to describe the battle action of Second Bull Run.

You Tube

Elmira Prison Camp was every bit as bad as Andersonville.  In this case, though, the villains were Yankees.  Hellmira also housed Union draftees who were waiting to be sent to the front.  Often, these men were more dangerous than the Rebel prisoners.  Learn why in this video.

Book Tour Radio

Robertson is interviewed by Book Tour Radio host, Julie Joyce, about his writing career and latest horror story collection, SEASON OF DOOM.

My Space
View Bill's new My Space page that features photos of his early poetry book covers not available elsewhere on the web.
Read the first 38 pages of my new novel, ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES, for free on this site.
Author Fiona Ingram's Website
This site was designed to promote Fiona Ingram's new fantasy adventure novel for children--SECRET OF THE SACRED SCARAB. The book contains much useful information about the landscape and mythology of Egypt written in an easily digested format. An excellent read!
This site is a gathering place for authors, writers, poets, and their readers. Sponsored by Infinity Publishing, membership is free to anyone with a valid e-mail address.
White Mane Publishing
Four of Bill's Bucktail novels are available here.
Olde SchoolHouse Shoppes

A great place to shop for antiques and crafts in Eldred, Pennsylvania.  It is located in the old Eldred Township Elementary School building.  All of Robertson and Rimer's Bucktail novels are for sale there.

Main Street Mercantile
Store featuring local art, books, and crafts from Bradford, PA
From My Shelf Books
Visit From My Self Books at 87 1/2 Main Street in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania to purchase the Bucktail novel series and the new French & Indian War book, AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES, written by William P. Robertson & David Rimer. For a sample of From My Shelf's huge inventory of the best books available anywhere, take a tour of their website.
Mystery Author, Michael Karpovage's Website
Michael's latest novel, CROWN OF SERPENTS, delves into Iroquois lore to create a suspenseful book of intrigue.
Pennsylvania Bucktails
Official Bucktail website run by Captain Rich Adams.
Miss Ashley's Civil War Sutler

Need Civil War garb?  Visit Ashley Hansen's sutler shop to order period dresses, military uniforms, undergarments, and accessories.

Argoboat Poetry Site
Come join a community of international poets at Argoboat.
Argo Spier's Homepage
Poet Argo Spier resides here.
Writer Cathy Buburuz's Home Page
View the work of Canadian Writer/Artist/Editor Cathy Buburuz
Website of Author Russell Paine
Great horror from Russell Paine
A.J Calvin's Author Site
A.J. specializes in science fiction. Learn more about her work here.
Seven Oaks Press
THE HORSESHOE CURVE and JUNIATA, RIVER OF SORROWS, two best-selling books by Dennis P. McIlnay, are available on this site.
Independent Militia Company
Information is presented about the Revolutionary War reenacting company captained by Ric Barker. Most events attended are held at Old Fort Niagara.
Ken Hull's Author Website

Ken uses this website to promote his new book, GOING LOCAL.  Break the chain with an artist's journal of the coolest locally-owned places to eat, drink and experience right in our own backyard.  Ken brings you this world of lovingly-prepared foods, wonderfully handcrafted beers, fresh coffee and the cool places that serve it up all right here in Central Pennsylvania.

Audrey J. (Fox) Patterson's Author Site

Audrey is a naturalist and author from Wellsboro, PA who has written a guide to the trail system in Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon.

Cynthia Neale's Author Site

Learn more about Cynthia Neale's novels The Irish Dresser, Hope in New York City, and Nora that trace the trials of a poor Irish girl during The Great Hunger and during her move to America.

Tom Malafarina's Website

View all of Tom's great horror writing here.

Rick Lite's Marketing Site

Rick Lite's Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Authors